Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summertime Wreath

There are so many adorable wreath ideas for summer on Pinterest! I saw this one and knew I had to recreate it. It was SO easy and so inexpensive.

I made a quick trip to Dollar Tree and Michael's for my supplies. At Dollar Tree, I grabbed a pool noodle and some cute pinwheels. At Michael's, I bought some $1 ribbon and flip flops. I also purchased clearance summer flowers (so crazy they are putting out fall decor when the first day of summer was a few days ago!). Total cost of the project was $9!

First step was to cut a few inches of the pool noodle off to make it normal wreath size. Then I took some duct tape to join the ends together.

Then I wrapped the ribbon around and secured with hot glue. (I originally tried using some yellow yarn I had but it was way too time consuming. The ribbon was quick and easy)

After the ribbon was done, I simply glued the flowers and flip flops on where I wanted. Added the pinwheel and was all set!

So cute and easy!! I am debating adding a summer banner to it and will update if I do! Seems it may finish off the top better :)