Sunday, May 12, 2013

Decorating wall above the couch

I've been searching for ideas on how to decorate the wall above our couch for a while. It's an awkward space, stuck between a window and door and not the length of the whole sofa. What to do? A mirror would suffice, but I plan on putting one near the closet in the same room. A photo gallery wall was my next choice, but I didn't want just photos. Browsing Pinterest, I found several ideas and decided to mix a few of them together.
We had just had a family photo shoot, so I made some prints of my favorites and framed them in frames from Michael's. The prints cost $8 and the frames were $6 each. So, my photos were framed and ready to go for under $30.
Next, I grabbed 2 canvases that I already had and some paint and painter's tape. I taped off wide stripes and painted green and white stripes. Once they dried, I needed to decorate them somehow. I printed off some family rules- subway art and grabbed a monogram I had laying around. A little Mod Podge for the family rules and hot glue for the monogram and I was all set.
I hung the pictures and canvases up and stepped back to admire! Such an easy project with minimal work and I love it! It may be simple, but I love the green stripes and the character it adds to what would've been an ordinary gallery wall!

Next thing to change in this room will be the couches! We hate these couches and can't wait to buy a new set!

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