Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our PINK nursery!

After 14 years of blue, red, green, and grey bedrooms for the boys, I was thrilled to be able to do a pink one! Ella's nursery is almost complete. I have a few DIY projects I want to do, but they shall wait.

I knew I wanted a Cherry Blossom theme right from the start. After finding a sheet I liked, I just went from there. Beth had all of the furniture saved from Brody and is letting me use it all :) Since I didn't have to buy any furniture and made most of the decorations, the room was fairly inexpensive to do! Yay!

Here's my favorite part of her room, looking in from the door. 

I love the decals ($12.99 on amazon for all of it!) and the curtains. I made the curtains and cornice board. The curtains are a flat sheet from Walmart, cut in half, hemmed with the iron-on tape, and ribbon added to the bottom. I had the tape and ribbon, so the curtains were only $5! The cornice board is made from foam board, following this tutorial on Pinterest. I didn't add any batting to it because batting is expensive! I just glued the fabric left over from crib skirt on, added ribbon again, and made a flower from felt. Total price for foam (2 boards) and fabric (used about a yard) was $12. So, complete curtain price was under $20!

Now, on to the crib. The sheet was off of amazon again. I made the crib skirt.
 I originally was going to make one with ruffles, but it didn't look right with the sheet and crib. The skirt was pretty easy to make and of course is no-sew. I used about 2 yards of fabric for the 3 sides. My original plan was just to cut and hem the striped fabric and slap it up. The problem I ran into was my fabric was perfect size if I wanted the stripes horizontal. But I needed them vertical and the fabric was too short. So I used a piece of the flat sheet from the curtain to add to the middle and pieced the striped fabric together. It worked well. I planned on using velcro to attach to the crib, but liked the idea of attaching with binder clips to allow me to shorten the skirt as we lower the mattress. This blog has a good tutorial for a basic no sew skirt and attaching with binder clips. Total cost of fabric and binder clips was $15.

 See this little girl beside the crib? 

She was my prized possession as a child. Edith Kathleen was played with every day for years. When I packed her up when I moved out of my parents, she went into storage. I had hoped to pass her along to a daughter or granddaughter. Once I found out I was having a girl, she came out of storage and was a bit dirty! You can definitely tell she was well-loved! I tired various stain removal for her cloth body, as she was fairly black from 30 years of dirt. Nothing worked until I tried this one using Dawn soap, peroxide, and baking soda. Sprayed her down and scrubbed with old toothbrush, let her sit a few hours, threw her in a pillowcase in the washer (then dryer), and viola! Not perfect but WAY better! The cradle was also mine from my childhood. My grandpa built it for me. So happy I can pass them along!

Here's the "dresser corner". No closets in the room, so I borrowed a wardrobe from Beth, along with the dresser. Now I can hang her dresses up too.
 The dresser decor is clearance things from Michaels or Target, along with a few DIY projects, and things from my shower. On the wardrobe is a cherry blossom tree painted on canvas that all of the guest at the shower put their thumbprints on. It's so cute!
 Above the dresser I made 2 simple projects. I love easy Word art, so searched for the perfect quote to frame. Added some clipart that matches her crib sheet and framed. Easy and cheap! Above that is just a canvas I had laying around, wrapped in leftover fabric. I attached a photo mat I had (left the top unattached so can easy change the picture) and made a few felt flowers. That's it! Easy picture frame!
 On the back of the door is this easy headband/barrette holder. She actually has a ton more, so I have to make another. I did also make one out of an old oatmeal container, but like this kind better. I have to dig through the oatmeal one to see everything. This one is easier to choose. Used a dollar store frame, painted white, hot glued ribbon to it, and added cup hooks on bottom. Super easy and cheap!

Next is the changing table area.
 It's a little cluttered but with no closets, have to make do with bins! Bins are a mixture of ones I had and ones on clearance from Hobby Lobby.

And on the wall is more Word Art. It's a Winnie the Pooh quote paired with the famous quote from The Help. Love it! And a cute Princess mirror is next to it, borrowed from my niece.

And finally we have the glider corner. Not a ton of DIY here, besides gluing felt flowers onto the lampshade. Decor is more clearance from Michaels and gifts.
 But I love the little coat rack holding some of my favorites things she can wear! The coat rack was a shower gift, as well as the tutu outfit. My mother in law bought it so I can take pictures of her in it. Can't wait! The shoes I bought from Hobby Lobby when we found out she was a girl. They match perfectly!

 And that's it! The Tour de Ella's Room. I can't wait until our princess is here and can use it! 2 more weeks or less!!

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