Friday, January 11, 2013

Superhero Bedroom

Sorry it's been a couple weeks :) I've been busy trying to get the house ready for Ella's arrival! We have such a tiny house and have to switch some rooms to make it all work. So, the playroom had to be turned back into a bedroom for the two younger boys. They shared a room before and it was decorated in a superhero theme, but I never really liked it. This time I put a lot of time into ideas, and a lot of time Pinning!

The room is very tiny (9x10) so we purchased new bunk beds to accommodate both of them easily. They love their new beds! I love them too, just not the 4 hours it took to assemble :) We still need to replace the flooring, but have to wait and start working on Ella's room soon. I am already 33 weeks! This pregnancy is flying by!

Anyway- here's a little tour of the room-

From the door
"Art" I made. Not 100% happy with it. Wish I would've just framed with colored mats. But it's images I found on google, mod podged onto canvas, and bordered with ribbon. The boys like them, so that's all that matters, I guess :) And at least glass won't break on them
 Their dresser area. Here you can see I need to replace the flooring (and dresser one day)
 Here's a close up of the wall above dresser. It's one of my favorite things in the room. I made the word art and painted the frames. I saw a bunch of the "Brother is a superhero" quotes on Pinterest but none of them matched the room, so made my own in ipiccy. And made one with one of the family's favorite scriptures also to match.

 The other favorite of mine- I painted their shades. I am not an artist at all and was afraid I would ruin the shades. But they were cheap ($7 at Home Depot) and it was really easy. The biggest issue I have is they curl in a little on the ends. I read to heat them with a blow dryer- so going to try that. Or velcro :) But I love them! There are a ton of cute Superhero Skyline murals on Pinterest if you need ideas :)
 Another brilliant Pinterest idea- my almost perfect white border. Being as pregnant as I am and standing on an ottoman meant I didn't want to paint a border. Also didn't want to spend money on molding. So searching for ideas on Pinterest, I found this one. Use duct tape! Brilliant! It cost $3, and took 20 minutes. It stays up really well, so don't have to worry about it coming down. I did read elsewhere it can damage the walls when you take it down because it leaves such a thick adhesive residue. But, I will deal with that down the road. I love how it looks, so it may never come down! I've never painted a ceiling before and adore how it brightened the room!
 And, finally, the toy corner. I still have projects to do here, but it's done for now. I need to make labels for the toys bins, make toy boxes for under the bed, and would love to build some rain gutter bookshelves.
This is the world's easiest memo board, located behind their door. A $3 foam board from Michaels, paired with ribbon and thumbtacks. I know most memo boards use fabric to cover the board, but I didn't want to spend any more money on the room. $3 sounded great to me! 

 That's all for now! Thanks for taking a peek. Can't wait to work on Ella's room and show you all!