Saturday, October 27, 2012

Maternity Halloween Shirt

DIY Maternity Shirt for Halloween

While searching for maternity costumes for Halloween, we stumbled across many DIY ideas on Pinterest. Some were very cute, some more gruesome, some just ridiculous! We decided that we liked the basic Maternity Skeleton shirt the best, and it was fairly easy and cheap to make. Searching for a template for our skeleton wasn't so easy. Many bloggers posted their great pictures, but didn't have a template to follow. When we found this wonderful blog, we were excited she had a great idea for the template!

To make the costume, you will need the following:

  • A black shirt
  • Fabric paint (White and pink)
  • Foam paintbrushes
  • Exacto knife
  • Freezer paper
  • Optional tulle, ribbon, or fabric for a tie (if a baby boy)
  • Iron
First step is tracing the template onto the freezer paper. We opened these pictures into Gimp (free online editing) and blew them up to the size we wanted.  So, just click on each one to make larger, save to your computer, and upload to the program you chose.

We taped freezer paper onto the computer monitor and traced each picture onto the paper. Super easy!

Next, was the most time-consuming part: cutting out the template. Using a very sharp exacto-knife, we were able to easily do this. It took awhile- the baby skeleton's fingers and toes weren't so easy!

 Once the template was all cut out, we were ready to begin ironing on the freezer paper. First, turn your shirt inside out and iron on a piece of freezer paper to the shirt. This will catch any paint that will bleed through the shirt.
 Then turn shirt back the right way and iron the template onto the shirt (shiny side down).
 Our original blogger didn't put the face on the baby. We cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth and put it on our baby. Once you paint, you can peel them off to expose the black.

 Once the stencil has cooled, you can begin to paint. We began by dabbing on paint, as you would a stencil.
 That technique worked well, but was rather light. We put two more layers on with this method, and it was still light...
We then decided to slather the paint on really thick.
 So here is where we messed up. I'm sharing this to save you the grief we went through the next day :) If you choose to slather it on, let it dry to just tacky and remove the stencil. Our mistake? We left it on overnight. Have you ever painted a room and left the painter's tape on too long? Same concept- the paint stuck to the stencil and removing it was so hard!! We couldn't tell where the stencil was and where the paint was.

After peeling, scoring, and guessing for awhile, we were able to remove the whole stencil. Several layers of paint ended up peeled off the edges. So, in the picture below, is how the baby looked. I thought some of the bones looked neat, like they were shaded. But the ribs looked horrible.

I then decided to take our fabric paint and trace the outlines of the bones, to fill in the missing parts. That worked pretty good.

Let dry (again) and Ta-Da! Shirt is all done! Our original blogger didn't know the sex of her baby, so the baby part was plain. We knew I was having a girl, so we "girled" it up :) Beth sowed a bow and tu-tu on from some tulle. This completely made the shirt even more awesome! Of course, if you are having a boy, you could make a little bowtie or blue rattle and that would be adorable. I love our tu-tu! I've seen these shirts with the hair bow, but never a tu-tu!
 Our finished product :) Ignore the lovely background (I was at work getting ready to take the kids to our church party)! I received so many compliments there and people couldn't believe we made this. So cute!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Melanie's Gender Reveal Party!!

Have you heard of the newest trend in pregnancy? It's the gender reveal party, and is all the rage on Pinterest! When we saw some of the ideas, we knew we had to throw one for announcing my last baby. With three boys already, the odds were we were having another boy, but figured it would be a fun way to find out! 
Not sure what a gender reveal party is? Basically, instead of the ultrasound tech announcing "Boy" or "Girl" at the ultrasound, she instead wrote the results down and placed in a sealed envelope. The parents-to-be then find out at a party or dinner, along with their family and friends. There are many ways to make the "announcement"- from having a baker design and bake a cake with the inside color either blue or pink, having older siblings open a box of clothes for the corresponding gender, to having a box of balloons filled in either pink or blue to float out as it is opened. We opted for the balloons, thinking it makes the best photo ops.
We had almost a week between the ultrasound and planned party date to prepare (although we started much earlier!). I was a good girl and never peeked at the envelope (I hate ruined surprises!). All of the crafting and planning made that week go by fairly fast :) We made almost all of the decorations (with the help of our sister Erin and her Cricuit!) and all of the favors. It was so much fun! 

So, enough with the chit-chat....on to the party!!

Our church teen area we used- all decorated :) 
Our table centerpieces- handmade lip & mustache chocolate suckers
 The beverage station- Blueberry Punch for Team Man and Strawberry Lemonade for Team Lady, complete with mustache and lip straws
 Adorable water bottles Beth made
 Fun favors for the guests to take
 Beth's awesome cupcakes. My camera didn't do them justice! She did a great job!
 Old Wives Tales List- I had a 50/50 chance!
 The food station- a Chili & Hot Dog Bar 

The "Cast your vote" station. Guests chose a lips or mustache pin, and had their pictures taken with their chalkboard ballot
 Beth's vote
 My husband Jason and my votes
 The ADORABLE reveal box! Beth and Erin did a great job on decorating it!
 Balloons hidden inside! Yay!
 Ready to find out!!
 Untying the ribbon....
 I so was not expecting pink! My brain took a minute to realize it wasn't blue!
 And then it hits me......and I sob like a baby!!!!!!!!

 Our house of blue finally adds our pink princess <3

Happy to announce we are having our precious daughter!
A huge thanks to Beth and Erin for all of their hard work! It was a wonderful party and such a fun way to announce our baby's gender. So many people cried and were overjoyed! Thanks to all who came to celebrate with us! Love ya'll!!