Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yarn Christmas Decor

 Super Simple Christmas Decor
 My goal this Christmas season was to craft some new decor items for CHEAP! Pinterest has so many cute ideas! Some of the super easy, inexpensive ideas that I fell in love with all used yarn to make. I headed to Michael's and picked up some green, red, and white yarn (my decor colors) and the dollar store and was all set. Here are two of my favorite yarn projects.

Yarn Letters

I found this tutorial on how to make yarn letters and knew I wanted the word Joy in our living room. Instead of buying paper mache or wooden letters, I kept the cost down by using cardboard (free from work). I cut out the J and the Y from cardboard. For the O, I used a styrofoam wreath I already had. Originally, I was going to attach ornaments or bells to the O, but ended up using yarn as well (cost effective).

After each letter is ready, I got my hot-glue gun ready and started winding the yarn around each letter. I glued the ends and the areas that were tricky (the V part in the Y was a little hard). The O was simple, but time consuming. I wrapped it in white, but then used red and green to add interest.

After they were done, I just attached to our wall with command strips. At first, nothing was behind the O, but it looked plain. I had purchased an adorable round snowman from the Dollar Tree and placed him behind it. Problem solved and so cute!

Yarn Trees

Next, I found these adorable glitter trees on Pinterest. Hubby isn't thrilled with glitter around the house (it does get everywhere!) so I decided to use my yarn instead. The Dollar Tree had syrofoam trees and I already had the yarn. I began at the top of each tree, spiraling the yarn out and gluing the top so it wouldnn't unravel. Around and around I went until I got to the bottom, where a dab of glue held the yarn in place. All three trees took 10 minutes and are one of my favorite items in the house! How simple is that? 

Hope you enjoy these crafts and make them for your own house! I like the yarn letters so much I may make them for our nursery :)

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