Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finally chose our baby girl's name!

Yesterday, I began my 29th week of this pregnancy. It has gone by SO fast! We've known for 10 weeks that our new baby was a girl, but I struggled with picking a name. I finally decided to lock one in :) Jason has liked this name for several weeks. So.....drumroll, please.....

Our baby girl is Ella Katherine! My mom REALLY wanted Ella and the more we said it, the more we liked it. I knew whatever the first name would be that Katherine would be the middle, named after my grandma and great-grandma's middle names. I was unsure about how popular Ella is, but I adore the nickname Ella Kate, if there is more than one Ella in her class. The picture below is our official facebook picture to announce our name pic. We had our friends vote from a list of our favorites on a neat site called Belly Ballot, and Ella was the number one name pick there also. We're excited for little Miss Ella's arrival in March and can't wait!

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