Thursday, June 14, 2012

End of year Teacher gift

 End of school, Summertime Teacher gift

We have been pretty stumped on what to get Brianah & Ethan's teachers as a end-of-year gift. My go-to gift is something from Thirty-One, but we gave her totes at Christmas and other kids have given her them as well. And seems everyone else gave gift cards or flowers. 
Beth saw on pinterest that someone filled a tea jug with various powdered drink mixes, and it was an easy gift for the child to carry in. It was a neat idea. Instead of just drink mixes, we went with summer themed items.
We headed to Target and for under $20, we got the tea jug, a small beach towel, Lifesaver candy, sunscreen, and Crystal Light lemonade mix. We rolled the towel up and shoved into the jar. Then put the candy in, followed by the sunscreen and mixes. Seal it up and add a tag. Easy and the kids easily carried it into school. The teachers loved them!

The tags were found on pinterest as well. This site has a printable, but we couldn't open it at work. So we made our own in publisher and cut it out and printed on cardstock. Below is a picture of the tag itself if you would like to duplicate the design. We actually made it twice and cut out the yellow rays themselves so it would be more 3D. It turned out so cute :)