Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No Sew Roman Shades!


Hi everyone! Sorry it's been a little while since a post has been made. I've been busy with a full kitchen remodel! Fun, yet stressful! It's almost complete and I can't wait to show it off!

I needed a few good ideas for window coverings. So, I scoured pinterest for ideas and came across this great idea for no sew Roman shades. It was perfect- easy, inexpensive, and I had all of the materials, except the fabric. A quick run to Hobby Lobby and I found the perfect fabric!

A set of cheap mini blinds (the width of your window)
Fabric Glue
Fabric (you will need it to be the length of your window and the width, plus 2 inches)

Make it:
Begin by popping off the little caps on the bottom of the blinds. Set aside (you will need it later). Pull off the bottom bar and set aside.

 Begin cutting the ladder cords off. DON'T cut the larger thick cord- that's the pull cord (raises and lowers blinds). Just cut the thinner ones off. Then remove all of the slats.
 Decide on how many slats you want for your shade. And how far apart you want the folds. I kept 4 slats and made them about 6" apart (I used a hair dye box to measure it. Yep, silly but worked!
 Reattach the bottom bar. Then prepare the fabric by folding and gluing the edges to have a nice hem. Keep the fabric 1/4"-1/2" wider than the blinds, however (I kept too much on accident)
 Now, it's time to attach the fabric to the blinds. Space out your slats evenly. Put a good amount of glue on the curved part of the blind slat (the side that bumps out), but not by the pull cord. Press the slat onto the fabric and smooth out. Repeat with all of the slats.
 Now, the site I got the idea from left their shade like that. But I didn't want my neighbors staring at an unfinished side. So I glued on a piece of white fabric to the back so it looks finished. It's not necessary, but you can see the window from our neighbor's kitchen.
 Now hang up and enjoy!! You will notice how mine overhangs the window too much. But it's not too bad and not enough for me to re-do everything :)
This is the shade folded up
 And the shade lowered down

 And for our other two windows, I made simple valances to match. Just used fusible web to make a hem and a pocket for the curtain rod. Easy, peasy.


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