Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Moss Monogram Wreath

Moss Monogram Wreath

I saw this wreath and fell in love with it! They didn't have directions, so I just guessed :) I didn't put our address numbers on it because it's right next to our address plaque, but it still looks great! Love it!

Large styrofoam wreath
Wooden Letter
Burlap garland
Moss Sheet
Glue gun & glue
(All supplies were at Michaels. The wreath was pricey- so use a 40% off coupon!)
Wrap wreath with burlap and glue to secure end

Cut the moss and glue on both sides of the letter. Warning- it is MESSY! LOL!

I wedged the letter in and glued to secure
Finish with sticking flowers into wreath. You can add a ribbon to hang from. I didn't have one, so just hung up through the letter P.

SO cute! And easy!

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