Thursday, March 1, 2012

Melanie's Dining Room Makeover

Our poor little dining room has been through many "remodels". It started off as a bedroom off the front of the house. That was very awkward eating in, so Jason got on his demo-hat and tore down some walls. Removing a wall and opening it up to our living room made our tiny little house instantly feel bigger. It has been the best demo so far.

But, we just stuck some cheap peel & stick tiles down and slapped some paint up. Basically, we put a band-aid on a big cut! We lived for a year with the ugly floor (with holes still in it from where the wall was). I really wanted to continue our wood floor in the dining room, but the company no longer made our floor!

So, we decided we were going to gut the whole floor (layers of crappy tile and subfloors) and start fresh with ceramic tile. It looks SO much better! The dining room is one of my favorite rooms now!

Here is the before:
Lovely, huh? Here is our wonderful helpers assisting in the demo:
The floor, during and after demo:
And, our accent wall that links the dining room to the living/hallway (before & after):

And- the after of my dining room. Still working on an art project for a photo wall, but this is what we have so far-

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