Monday, March 19, 2012

Cupcake Liner Flowers

For decorations for our Pinterest Party, I made some flower bouquets from cupcake liners. They were so cute! I made two different kinds, but only took tutorial photos of the "Carnations".

*Note! These (except last) are with my camera phone, so ignore crappy pics!

Supplies- Floral Wire and tape, a straight pin, and 8 cupcake liners

Flatten the cupcake liners
Poke 2 holes in the liners (with straight pin). Push floral wire through one hole and bend over to go back through other hole

Put tape around "stem" to secure it. Then begin pulling the layers, one at a time, towards center of flower
Ta-da! Cute flowers!

To make the other flower (shown in top picture), simply layer one regular liner and one mini. Route stem through the same as in carnation. Then top with a cute flower sticker.

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