Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pom Poms!

What a busy week! I volunteered to head up our annual Celebration of Life Dinner at church, where we celebrate all of the babies born the previous year. I knew I wanted to decorate "Melanie style", which meant lots of polka dots and color! Scouring Pinterest for ideas, I stumbled upon these adorable Pom-poms, and fell in love! How easy, inexpensive, and adorable!

I enlisted Beth's help in making these. I wanted five large ones to hang from the ceiling, as well as, several small ones to decorate the table. We began making all of these and I took a few step-by-step pictures for you all!

Here's your list of supplies-
Floral wire (or pipe cleaners)
8-10 sheets tissue paper

Unfold the tissue paper and flatten into one neat pile. Starting at the end, begin accordion-style folding into 1 inch folds

When all folded, secure with a piece of floral wire around center
Now, time to cut the ends. This will determine the overall look of the "flower petals". You can do rounded, pointed, or cut little slits into the end (to resemble a carnation). Be creative!

Now, to shape the pom-pom. Carefully begin separating the layers on one side by pulling towards the center

Continue working on the one side
Repeat the separating with the other side
Ta-Da! So easy!

To do the smaller ones, I used 5 pieces of tissue and just did one side only. That way the laid flat on the tables
The pom-poms + polka-dots I punched out for "confetti" + a photo collage I made for each baby = cute and cheap decorations

Here's a sample of the collage and pom-pomsYep, ignore the blotches of "paint". Gotta hide some stuff from the cyber-world! :)

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