Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weekly & Chore Planners

I saw this adorable weekly planner on Pinterest and knew I needed to make one!
So off to Walmart I went! The frame for the weekly planner was $10 and the chore planners were $3 each. Add some scrapbook paper, and for under $20, we have a great new "Planner Wall" next to our back door!

Weekly Planner
I printed on the scrapbook paper before I inserted it into frame. Wrote the day of the week, and 3 categories- To Do (calendar stuff), Menu, and Daily Task (for my daily de-clutter group).

Kids Chore Planners

On the kids planners, I have a spot for daily chores (same every day), bonus chores (things I choose and they earn extra points for), and misc notes.

I still need to make something to hold the kids tokens for their chores and print out the reward chart, for under their planners. For now we are using a can on the counter.

I love having a cute dry-erase board to plan everything! And makes our back hallway cute!

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