Thursday, January 12, 2012

Teacher Monogram Gifts

Ethan and Brianah both started kindergarten this year (yikes!). So, Beth and I wanted to give their teachers nice gifts for Christmas.

We both purchased one of our favorite bags from Thirty-One,
the All-in-One Organizer. We filled with with a bunch of goodies (candy, hot cocoa, hand sanitizer, memo pads, etc), but it needed something more. To pinterest we went! We were thrilled when we found these
A quick trip to Michael's and we had everything we needed- 2 shadow boxes, a box of crayons, and some heavy-duty glue. We printed out a template for our teacher's initials and their name on heavy cardstock.
Then the fun began- breaking the crayons and shaping them. We used a box cutter to poke each crayon, which allowed it to easily break. We glued the crayons on, let dry, and placed in the frames. Beth made hers random colors and I did mine rainbow style. Both turned out great! Their teacher's loved them!
*Note, I put a computer block and fake names over the project. You know, just in case any weirdos are checking out our blog :)
Note #2- ignore the crappy picture and reflection of bike related stuff. We were at work and only had camera phones :)

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