Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spice of Life

One of our daily projects was to go through our spices and toss the old ones. And boy, did I have quite the collection of expired spices! When my Gramma passed away almost two years ago, I inherited a ton of items from her pantry. I threw away the old stuff then, but haven't looked at most since. Also, I was given a nice countertop spice rack as a housewarming gift, 6 years ago. I ended up not using most of the "stock" spices, but still kept it on the counter. So, I decided to go through the rack and throw away all of the spices, wash the containers, re-fill and re-label them with spices I actually use. In doing so, I freed up a ton of space in my cabinet. .Here is the before and after of our spice collection:

Before- although the lazy susan worked well, it could only fit in our upper cabinet. Hard to reach, even for a tall gal like me. Also, getting to the spices in the middle was a pain. This set-up also hogged a big section of my cabinets.
(Sorry for the grainy picture! It was before I knew anything about ISO on a camera- which i am still struggling with!)
After- Rack with spices I use and new labels put on
Labels up close. Not perfect, but good for me!

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