Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year!

How is it possible that 2012 is already here? Each year seems to pass quicker and quicker!

I am going to try to blog regularly on here this year. Keep you all up to date with our crafts and our lives. Note- I said "try"! I am not the best at updating the blog aspect on here as much as I have been with the projects themselves.

Myself, I have been busy planning and pinning ideas on getting my house organized. I have joined a facebook group that completes little declutter challenges each day (based on the Simple Life Declutter Calendar, found HERE). It is helping and I am actually excited for many of my projects. I will post a bunch on here, but you can also keep up with the progress under the Getting Organized tab. Other than that, am busy working, doing my mommy & wife duties, and helping at church. You know, the usual.

Beth has been busy working and with her own family duties, as well as getting ready for Brianah's cheerleading competition. It's so much fun getting to see Brianah in her cheerleading, ballet, and dance gear. I'm used to soccer, football, karate, etc. I love the girly stuff :) Beth has been working on some great hairstyles on Brianah. Hoping to get some of those posted, so stay tuned to the Girly Stuff tab.

Hope you all have a great New Year! Stay tuned for all of our projects!

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