Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New playroom!

In our tiny house, we had one teeny tiny bedroom on the main floor and two bigger ones upstairs. We built a bedroom for Brendan in the basement so each boy could have their own room, and we took the tiny main floor bedroom. Our living room was always overrun with toys and the boys rarely hiked up the stairs to go play. So after some thought, Jay and I decided to move the two younger into one bedroom and us to the larger one upstairs, freeing the main bedroom up for a play room. Why we didn't do that when we bought the house, I don't know! It made life a lot easier!

The boys now have a room near us to play in, without making our living quarters look like Toys R Us. Best part? We can shut the door when someone comes over and hide the mess :)

In the play room, there is an art area (desk, easel, and a place to showcase their work), a game area (board games and TV with Xbox), and reading and toy areas.

TV area

Art Area. Window curtain rod holds art work. No sew curtains match theme of room

My favorite area- Love the canvas prints I made! One of my favorite projects!

Painted canvases, Mod Podge photos on, and Make handprints on another canvas. Easy!
I actually am going to be rearranging the room very soon. We are upgrading the TV and have a different stand. I also plan on painting the desk. I also have started to work on cute labels for the bins and some bookshelves. I will keep you posted on the upgrades!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Melanie's House Facelift

When we bought our house in 2005, we knew it would be a total fixer-upper. It needed new siding, roof, doors, windows, etc. With a limited budget, we slapped some paint on the siding and called it a day. In 2007, we were lucky enough to be able to replace the all of the above to give our house a nice makeover.

Before-I don't have a pic of when we bought the house- just after we painted it. It made a good improvement, but still needed roof, doors, etc.

During the construction. There was brick under there!
After. Still needs more, but good improvement. Need better landscapingMy fave part- my porch. This summer I plan on getting a dark wicker loveseat in place of the bistro set.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Welcome to our little place in the big world of blogs! We are glad you are here!

I've always enjoyed reading blogs, especially ones centered around families, crafts, and recipes. One day, my sister Elizabeth, told me to check out a site called Pinterest. And so began my obsession with Pinning! I've only been a member for a few days and already have hundreds of pins and ideas swimming in my head!

So, my intentions of starting a blog were to showcase all of the wonderful crafts I make-step by step. Then it popped in my head that Beth often makes crafts alongside me and on her own. So why not a sister blog? We both can share our experiences and much more. As a bonus, Beth makes awesome cupcakes and items for her daughter, so we can highlight those as well :)

So welcome! Follow us and enjoy!